Saturday, September 17, 2011

Global Dismemberment Through the Shaman's Eye

Streaming live on the Co-Creator Radio Network on Tuesday, September 20, at 11 a.m. Pacific time/2 p.m. Eastern time, on her show "Why Shamanism Now?: A Practical Path to Authenticity," Christina Pratt talks to Richard Whiteley, author of The Corporate Shaman, who answers the question so very many are asking these days: What is happening around us? We see severe weather, colossal oil spills, and species dying off. We see corruption in banking, politics, and religions around the world. We see riots, anger, and hopelessness in our communities. According to Whiteley, this is "shamanic dismemberment": the experience of being pulled apart, eaten, or stripped layer by layer, down to the bare bones on a global scale, allowing for a shift of awareness and transformation of collective consciousness. And perhaps more importantly, Whiteley shares why he feels there is reason to be hopeful and how we can participate with spirit in the Remembering so that the world we co-create is different than before. Prior episodes from "Why Shamanism Now" can be downloaded for free from the iTunes library.  

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