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Friday, November 11, 2011

Shamanic Drumming Workshop in Mammoth Lakes

Power Animal Drumming Workshop
Facilitated by Michael Drake
Wednesday December 7, 2011
6 to 8 pm in Mammoth

Workshop Fee: $69.00 per person
Scholarships Available
In this two hour workshop we will learn the art and practice of power animal drumming. Power Animal Drumming is a shamanic way to evoke and internalize animal archetypes. An animal archetype represents the spirit and attributes of the entire species of that animal. Shamanism is the endeavor to cultivate ongoing relationships with power animals to gain insight, healing methods, and other vital information that can benefit the community. Learning to shift your consciousness, to align with and adapt your energies to power animals, opens your heart and mind to the wisdom and strength of the animal world.

When an animal spirit is invoked, there is often an accompanying rhythm that comes through. Shamans frequently use these unique rhythms to summon their helping spirits. As Ted Andrews explains in his book Animal Speak, "Some are so skilled at drumming, they can duplicate the rhythms of various animals. There is snake drumming, wolf drumming, hawk drumming -- a drumming for every animal. As the rhythm is created it plays upon the metabolism of the individual causing entrainment -- the individual’s own heart and metabolic rhythm is brought into synchronization with the drum beat. This is used to facilitate a shapeshifting, an aligning with the archetypal forces represented by the animal." (Animal Speak, © 1993 by Ted Andrews, p. 224)

Workshop learning objectives:

To learn basic shapeshifitng techniques

To learn drum rhythms for summoning power animals
To learn ways of developing a relationship with power animals


"Michael's ability to hold sacred space in the now moment and special way of teaching makes clear to us the importance of clarity of thought and intent as we drum."

  --Judith Thomson, Inner Workings Workshops & Retreats, Packwood, WA

"Michael is a pioneer in the healing art of ceremonial drumming. He does not reanimate a tradition; he builds a sonic world. His workshops are not to be missed."
  --Richard Hamersma, Ph.D., Psychologist. Growth Process Center, Chicago, IL

"Michael combines an extensive knowledge of the rhythmic patterns of the shamanic drum with a safe, warm, and personable style of teaching that is always popular at his workshops at Cedar Mountain Drums."

  --Patrick Pinson, MA, Cedar Mountain Drums, Portland, OR


  1. Hey I was interested but i missed it. Can u please tell me when will you arrange next.
    Drumming classes

  2. Michael - My sister Judith spoke highly of you and your healing energy. Thank you for being. Blessing at this time of her blessings. Janet