Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shamanic Drumming: Mother Earth's Heart Beat

by Mari Selby

Many people now believe that shamanic drumming gives access to a doorway that can be opened and closed, at will. Shamans travel through multi-dimensions, to access information, bring healing, and even travel through time. Therapists use shamanic drumming to assist their clients in integrating and healing disassociated parts of their being. Most powerful as a prayerful device, drumming is a way to touch our sacred circles of loved ones, family and friends. A shamanic journey, using the drum is "visualized prayer." And it is a technology only now being rediscovered by many in the 21st century. Read more.

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  1. I love my drum as though it is a part of my being! Thanks for sharing... I love to read on topics of Shamanism, spirituality, and of course drumming. Many blessings to you!