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Monday, October 1, 2012

Drumming with Intent

Our creative potential is far greater than we realize—we all possess the power to manifest our intentions. Shamanic drumming is a time-tested technique for transforming our intentions into reality. The drum serves as a concentration device for stilling the mind and focusing our attention. Shamans have understood for centuries that sustained focused attention on a specific intention, while in a state of inner silence, channels our creative energy into manifesting the physical equivalent of the focus. The key is to focus your energy to that point on the drumhead's surface that you are striking, not beyond it. Transfer your energy and intention into the drum, stroking it firmly, yet gently, until it sings and hums. With practice, you learn just how much energy to send out to achieve a desired result and how much to retain so that you don't tire. To learn more, read my guide to shamanic drumming.

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