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Monday, March 31, 2014

Drum Circle Etiquette

I cannot emphasize enough the responsibility you take on as a drummer in a shamanic drumming circle. Your drum's voice at the circle touches the heart and soul of every person present and spirals out into the resonating circle of life. That is no small responsibility, and it's one that should be taken very seriously. There are three basic rules of etiquette in shamanic drumming circles: honor, respect and gratitude. Each circle is different, but the following is some basic protocol:

1. Come with the intention to serve each other through love;
2. Enter sacred space with respect and leave your ego at the door;
3. Honor the rules of the circle as established by the circle keeper;
4. Ask permission before playing someone else's drum;
5. Play at a volume that blends with others for harmonic results;
6. Adjust accordingly to the ebb and flow of energy in the circle;
7. Play in unison with the lead drummer, which facilitates shamanic trance and entrainment;
8. Seek harmony and accord with the collective intention of the circle;
9. Give thanks to the spirits, the circle keeper, and the participants for their gifts;
10. With all of the above in mind, allow your spirit to soar!

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