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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lakota People's Law Project

The Lakota People's Law Project is committed to defending the rights of South Dakota's Native American families, exposing the epidemic of illegal seizures of Lakota children by the state of South Dakota, working towards the structural solution to end this injustice, and stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline continues into the New Year, and the Lakota people need your support now more than ever. President Obama's denial of the permit to drill beneath Lake Oahe hasn't deterred the pipeline's developers, Energy Transfer Partners. They immediately vowed to ignore the order, and President elect Donald Trump has already stated he will ensure the pipeline is finished once he takes office. To learn how you can help visit In the video below, Chase Iron Eyes provides an update about moving the Standing Rock Liberation Camp and other important developments.


  1. We share this message of sovereignty and Native Solidarity. In partnership with The Lakota People's Law Project, The Steven Graves Band would like to share their Standing Rock Music Video:
    Peace and understanding,
    The Steven Graves Band

    1. Thank you for sharing this great musical tribute for all those who came and stood for Standing Rock, for the Native American community, the water protectors and for Mother Earth.