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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Buffalo/Bison Medicine

Buffalo/Bison symbolizes prayer, manifestation, and abundance. Buffalo's medicine includes creativity, feminine courage, abundance, knowledge, generosity, hospitality, sharing work, protection, strength, challenge, survival, and giving for the greater good. In Lakota Native American spirituality, Tatanka, the Buffalo, is seen as a living prayer and manifestation of the wisdom and generosity of Wakan Tanka (Great Mystery). Buffalo shows us the importance of prayer and gratitude for all we have. An "attitude of gratitude" in all things opens our heart and helps connect us to our core values and purpose for being here.

Buffalo teaches us to foster a reciprocal relationship of meaning to the Earth. Take time to honor and respect the reciprocal cycle of give and take, for Mother Earth provides everything we need to live and flourish. Express your gratitude through prayer and offerings. Give thanks also for the things you are praying for. Giving thanks before needs are met is a way of making space to receive them. Expressing gratitude for something before it actually appears in your life develops trust and confidence in your ability to create. To manifest abundance through prayer, you must eliminate all doubt, detach yourself from the outcome, and trust in the creative power of the universe to provide what is needed. To connect with Buffalo, listen to my recording of the "Buffalo Chant."

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