Sunday, January 7, 2018

Eagle Medicine

Eagle symbolizes power, courage, soul flight, wisdom, higher truth, and illuminated mind -- clarity of both conscious and intuitive awareness. Eagle represents the twofold clarity of one who clings to the light of inner knowing, thereby illuminating the world. We can connect with the guidance of our inner voice by stilling the chatter of the mind through meditation or drumming. Stopping the chatter of the mind frees us of fear, doubt, and limitation. Such inner calm and openness reconnects us to our inner truth, to our sense of what is correct. Inner truth reflects, like a mirror, the higher, universal truth that exists in every situation.

Eagle teaches us that we should allow this higher truth to guide our actions and transform our life. In every situation, we should be humble, open, and receptive, suspending all previous judgments, in order to grasp the inner truth of the matter. We must rid ourselves of doubt and disbelief and trust that the correct way will show itself. The cosmic truth of the situation will then become apparent at the right time. With the power of truth as our guide, we can bring enlightenment to the world.

Eagle reminds us to pay attention to what really matters in life. Eagle medicine is the ability to rise above the material to see the spiritual. Eagle helps us to soar above the hurdles of life's dilemmas, keeping our attention focused on more distant horizons of self-realization. Invoke Eagle to help you fulfill your own unique path of self-realization. This sacred bird will enable you to fly higher or go deeper within yourself.

Many shamans call upon Eagle to carry their prayers on its wings to the Creator. Eagle will carry the shaman's prayers to the Creator, or the shaman may transform into Eagle and soar into the celestial realm of spirit that governs all aspects of the material realm of earth. The Eagle and the shaman can ascend to the celestial realm of unmanifest potential and descend on healing journeys into the temporal realm of manifest form. Both are intercessors between heaven and earth, bringing harmony and balance between the spiritual and the physical world.

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