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Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Am Drumming

I am drumming,
I am drumming,
I am drumming for my Love's ever nearing union.
They say get a life.
What is all this drumming?
I swear to that Love,
the day that I stop drumming,
is the day that I will stop living. 
– Rumi

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Zuni Shalako Drum

Shalako Kachina
I purchased this beautiful Zuni log drum depicting the Shalako ceremony from the artist in December of 1991. Elisia and I were traveling through New Mexico on a cross-country tour, promoting my newly released book, The Shamanic Drum. By chance we happened upon the annual Shalako festival, which is a series of dances and ceremonies conducted by the Zuni people near the winter solstice in which they celebrate the return of the sun and pray for rain, growth, and fertility. Shalako is named for its masked dancers who embody kachinas or ancestral spirits. Kachinas mediate between humanity and the gods of rain and prosperity in a sacred ritual performance that ensures the transformation of winter's death into spring's rebirth. Standing ten-feet tall and resembling birds, the colorful Shalako kachinas dance rhythmically, clacking their long beaks together. They come to the human realm to collect the people's prayers and take them back to the spirit realm.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Traditional Musical Instruments of Siberia

Playing a Khomus or Jaw Harp
In Siberia, shamanism and music combined thousands of years ago. A Khakassian legend says that each of the indigenous peoples once received a gift from the spirits – a musical instrument, along with the talent to master it and preserve the traditional manner of performance through the ages. The Altaians got the jaw harp or khomus, the Yakutians got another kind of jaw harp called vargan, the Khakassians got the chatkhan (a stringed instrument), and other related peoples took the other instruments. Every musical instrument has a unique energy, spirit and sound. Sound is regarded as one of the most effective ways of establishing connections with the spirit realm, since it travels through space, permeates visual and physical barriers and conveys information from the unseen world. Hence, sound is, by definition, a means of "relationship" as well as a "transformation" of energy. Sound-producing instruments facilitate interaction and relationship among all parts of the living world. Read more.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

"A Shamanic Perspective of Life's Purpose"

Jade Wah'oo Grigori
by Jade Wah'oo Grigori

The Shamanic perspective of life's purpose is radically different than the psychotherapeutic or metaphysical way of looking at things.

Try this on...
I would bet that you look at life as being a school, a place in which you are here to learn? Correct? Let's say you were going to a University in order to learn something, a particular skill set. You ace the tests, get your diploma, yada yada. The U offers the exact same class next year. So do you repeat the class? No, of course not! You got what you went there to learn, so you are outta there! Next example: Maybe you have, or know someone who has gone into a relationship in order to learn how to share, to be giving, accepting...whatever. What invariably happens to that relationship once you have 'gotten' what you went in to it to learn? is over. You got what you went to learn, so it no longer serves a purpose.

Ok, now the biggie...stay with my logic of examples... Do you hold that you are here in this life to learn? If so, What? "I am here in this life to learn ______." Fill in the blank, it matters not with what...compassion, acceptance, finding your true self...whatever. Now...what will happen once you learn that? (Stick with the flow of examples/logic progression I provided!) That's right, you are outta here. And what does 'outta here' in regards of life equate with? Yep...death.