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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Peace at Standing Rock

Latest news, – A Huge Win! Just announced. President Obama has instructed the Army Corps of Engineers to deny the easement required to run the Dakota Access Pipeline past Standing Rock! A notice of intent has been issued. A Notice of Intent (NOI) is a formal announcement of intent to prepare an EIS as defined in Council. The Environmental Impact Statement is a more thorough and in-depth evaluation of the risks of building the pipeline either under or close to Lake Oahe, the water supply the demonstrators have been protecting since April 2016. Your voice, and the voices of thousands of others, helped tip the balance in favor of the Water Protectors bravely standing to block the pipeline's passage through fragile, sacred lands. Read more.

Lakota People's Law Project

The Lakota People's Law Project is committed to defending the rights of South Dakota's Native American families, exposing the epidemic of illegal seizures of Lakota children by the state of South Dakota, working towards the structural solution to end this injustice, and stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline continues into the New Year, and the Lakota people need your support now more than ever. President Obama's denial of the permit to drill beneath Lake Oahe hasn't deterred the pipeline's developers, Energy Transfer Partners. They immediately vowed to ignore the order, and President elect Donald Trump has already stated he will ensure the pipeline is finished once he takes office. To learn how you can help visit In the video below, Chase Iron Eyes provides an update about moving the Standing Rock Liberation Camp and other important developments.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Shake the World with the Tiger Drum"

Nicholas Breeze Wood, editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine, is calling for a 'Tiger Drum' on the Thursday January 19, 2017. According to Nicholas, "Tiger Drumming is where people drum as a Tiger, to hold the line, to hold the sense of who they are, to hold their authenticity, their beauty, their integrity, their grace, their peace, their worth. A tiger knows who it is in the forest - be like a tiger." Tiger's medicine includes power, strength, self-assurance, and willpower in the face of adversity. Tiger is an ancient Chinese symbol of protection, dignity, ferocity, sternness, and Yin energy. Yin is the passive feminine principle of the universe, characterized as receptive, yielding, nurturing, grounding, and associated with the Earth or matter. Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of things. Call upon Tiger for courage, resolve, and stability to help you hold steady during these unsteady times. Remain calm and centered in your power. See things as they are, in process of change, without fixation on imbalance; see the potential and call it forth. Shake the Earth with the Tiger Drum and the Earth will stop to listen.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"14 Ways to Raise the Vibration of Your Home"

Burning Incense by Rennett Stowe
If you can raise the vibrational frequency of your home, then your life can become happier, more positive, and more fulfilling. The first step is to cleanse your home of negative energy each day in order to welcome positive, high vibrational energy into your space. Preparing a purified space shifts your awareness from ordinary waking consciousness to a more centered, meditative state. Raising the vibration of your home elevates consciousness and creates a space where well-being and health can flourish. A home filled with good vibes brings in better conversation, meditation, cooking, working, creativity and much more. There will be fewer fights, misunderstandings and arguments. The place you spend most of your time should be a space you want to spend time in and create beautiful things. Dwelling in a home of good vibrations connects us deeper to our inner divinity. It brings us closer to unlocking the infinite potential we all have within. Read more.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shamanism in Ancient Korea

Korean "Buk" Drum
Korean shamanism, also known as Muism "mu [shaman] religion") or Sinism "religion of the shin" is the ethnic religion of Korea and the Koreans. In contemporary Korean language, the shaman-priest or mu is known as a mudang if female or baksu if male, although other names are used. In Korean shamanism, it is thought that there is another world besides that of the living, and in this spirit world there are both good and bad entities who can influence human affairs. The role of the mu is to act as intermediary between Heaven (spirit realm) and Earth (physical realm) through gut (rituals), seeking to resolve problems in the patterns of development of human life. The symbol of interlocking spirals featured on the drum in the photo is the Taegeuk ("Great Pole") -- representing Heaven (blue), Earth (red) and man (yellow), or the divine trinity. Sustained by the Earth and transformed by the Heavens, humanity is the bridge that unites the three realms. The Taegeuk is a Korean form of the ancient Chinese symbol Taiji the "supreme ultimate" state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential, the oneness before duality, from which Yin and Yang originate. Read more.