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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lightworkers Beware of Energetic Bookmarks

Spirit Portal
Lightworkers are here to assist with raising the light frequency of our planet and the consciousness of humanity. The challenge we face is that light manifests itself, as well as darkness. Consequently, there are two spiritual forces that we deal with on planet Earth everyday--Light (positive) and Dark (negative). Light energy is unlimited and comes from the Source. It's highly vibrational, expansive, and full of love. Dark energy is dense, negative, and goes against the flow of the universe. It's about manipulation, power, conquest, and fear.

It isn't hard to see that even though we live on a planet that surrounds us with beauty, that there is a lot of darkness manifesting within humanity. A big shift in energy is now taking place around the world. The veil between the spiritual and physical worlds is growing thinner. Things are really going down now. The dark is pushing its plan. There is a major battle going on in the spirit world and it is spilling into the material world. The darkness is materializing into the physical realm from the spirit realm. You can see it manifesting in the world around you.

I am a shamanic practitioner. I invite helping spirits into my home each day. I open a portal to the spirit world each morning through prayer, chant and drumming, and then I close that portal. It is important always to close sacred space after you have completed your spiritual work. I express my gratitude to the helping spirits for being with me and send them off, releasing their energies to the six directions. I thank the spirits for their blessings and presence, and then send them off to wherever they need to be.

I recently had an uninvited spirit pop loudly into my house before I had opened sacred space. I sense spirits coming and going--souls, spirit animals, and such, but this was different. I was in my office and my wife Elisia was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when we both heard a loud popping sound. I thought that Elisia had dropped a bowl on the floor, but she said that she had not dropped anything. She said that the sound emanated from above the floor about chest high in our tiny little kitchen.

The first thing I did was reach for a spray bottle of holy water. It's the quickest way to get rid of uninvited spirits. It was later revealed to me that this intruder had used a bookmark to get into my house. Dark entities have left "energetic bookmarks" on the homes of all lightworkers around the world. The dark ones leave these bookmarks to remind them to stop at these homes. The bookmarks themselves do not pose any threat. It's important to pray to your helping spirits and ask them to remove these bookmarks and to remove any future bookmarks left behind by the darkness. I have had to clear my home of energetic bookmarks several times in the past few months.

To keep the darkness out, you have to smudge with sage, cedar, and sweetgrass and bless your home with holy water. Holy water is the only thing that cannot be manipulated by the darkness. Spray holy water around the perimeter of your home and yard. You have to establish boundaries to keep the darkness out. To learn more read my post "The Great Shift and How to Navigate It."

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