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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Transformative Power of Chanting

Given our contemporary hectic lifestyles, chanting is the most conducive path of spiritual practice for the times we live in. Chanting has no limitations of time and space and can be done anytime or anywhere. Chanting as a spiritual practice helps to foster maximum spiritual growth and overall well-being. It is a simple and effortless way to still the chatter of the mind. It is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to open the heart and connect with a power greater than ourselves.

Chants move us to a level of awareness beyond form, a place where we discover our own divinity. Different chants have specific purposes for invoking or paying homage to helping spirits and deities. They create a vibratory resonance that allows these spirits to be called forth. As the chant invokes the intended spirits, the chanter comes into resonance with these spirit helpers as well.

Many chants are mantras--single words or phrases repeated over and over. Mantras, when spoken or chanted, direct the healing power of Prana (life force energy). The syllables of each spoken word reverberate specific qualities of energy. As Ute-Tiwa shaman Joseph Rael explains in his book, Being and Vibration, "the consonants propel or give form, while the vowels carry the essential meaning or fundamental truth embedded in each syllable."

According to Rael, the vowels reveal the power of the word while the consonants conduct the power of that energy into a healing current, giving it physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impulse. The vowel sounds connect us to the spirit world; the consonants connect us to the relative, to placement in physical world. Vowels are spirit and consonants are direction.

When chanting, you should hold the vowel sounds as long as you can. Consonants can be passed over very quickly while chanting. Breathe in through the nose and voice the sound as you exhale through the mouth. The in-breath is Sky energy; the out-breath is Earth energy. Sky and Earth are united.

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